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Designed to be used in conjunction with the Free Self Confidence Course, these practical self help articles give you cutting-edge, bang-up-to-date facts about self confidence and self esteem and help you help your self.

Quick Tips for Better Self Confidence
Quick Tips for Better Self Confidence
Reliable Self Confidence takes a little time to build, but here are a few things you can do now to improve your confidence levels.

Internet Narcissism
Top Ten Facts about Low Self Esteem
The presenter of the 2002 nationwide UK seminar 'How to Lift Low Self Esteem' outlines the most important facts about high and low self esteem.

Sunny Looks Back
Overcoming Shyness and Social Phobia
Shyness is something that affects most people at sometime in their life. There are some simple tips that can help make socialising easier.

Not so self conscious!
Self Consciousness - What Is It Good For?
What is self consciousness, why is it there, and how on earth can you get rid of it?

Beat Blushing
5 Tips for Beating Blushing
Blushing can become a huge problem, causing social embarrassment, anxiety and avoidance. Happily, there are things you can do to help yourself!

Back on my Feet
7 Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem Quickly
If you're tired of feeling bad about yourself, or just want some tips for those down days, these 7 practical strategies will help you take action to lift your self esteem.

Party Animal
6 Key Social Skills
Social skills are arguably the most important set of abilities a person can have.

Margaret Thatcher in 1975
Self Confidence for Women
Women have a unique set of self confidence challenges - read these top tips on self confidence for women.

High Self Esteem is a Bad Thing
Why High Self Esteem is a Bad Thing
It’s understandable why many people think that high self esteem is the antidote to low self esteem. In life generally, if you have too little money, lots of money is attractive. If you don’t have enough food, a banquet is highly appealing.

Sad statue in Reykjavik
7 Tips to Maintain Low Self Esteem
An alien, having just landed on earth, comes up to you and says, “I have been hearing a lot about this condition you humans call ‘low self esteem’”. Tell me, what is ‘low self esteem’, and how do you create it?”

Insecurity, self esteem, self confidence... What does it all mean?
When it comes to feeling better about ourselves, the last thing we need is confusion from a heap of words like self esteem, insecurity and so on. So what do they all mean?

Social anxiey can be isolating
Why is Social Anxiety Such a Big Problem?
Social anxiety was a huge problem for Shirley. In fact, it was spoiling her life. "I've always been shy and self-conscious, but thought it would naturally decrease as I got older. If anything, it's got worse!" Shirley described...