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We all know that when you're trying to increase your confidence, you need to make a sustained effort. Miracle cures just don't exist. That's why we've created these bite-sized email tips that you can quickly read at the start of your day to make you feel more confident all day long.

And as time goes on, and you read more and more tips, your background level of confidence will steadily improve, almost without you realising how it is happening.

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About Uncommon Confidence Tips

My name is Mark Tyrrell, I am co-founder of Uncommon Knowledge, a specialist 'sensible psychology' company. My colleagues and I have dedicated part of our time to providing free, quality help via the Internet. We know from experience with our 1:1 clients that so many people have difficulties with low self esteem and self confidence so we created these tips to give you a lift on a daily basis.

After you sign up for the tips, you will receive an email asking you to click a link to confirm your email address. When you click that link you will receive your first tip right away.

After that you will get 1 tip every day for the first 5 days, then every 3 days after that. These tips are short, to-the-point, and most importantly they are useful - you can put them into action right away to feel more confident.

My colleagues and I have been working in this field for many years. During that time we have helped hundreds of people, including:

  • people with 'social phobia' be socially confident
  • terrified people do presentations to hundreds
  • victims of disaster, trauma (PTSD) and injury regain enough self confidence to continue with their lives

These tips are drawn from what we have learnt during that time.

Why is it free?

Uncommon Confidence Tips is paid for by sales of our own Self Confidence Trainer course. However, please understand that the tips alone form a highly effective confidence building course. Subscribe now at the top of the page and you'll soon understand what we mean. Oh, and we will only ever use your email address to send you the tips and confidence-related information. We will never betray your trust by sharing your details with anyone else.