Self Confidence Course Testimonials

I am more confident now

"Thanks for your course. I improved a bit and I am more confident now. I still have to continue to improve but now I'm on the right track."

"Now I believe that I can do it and that I can improve myself. I managed to ask girl out, who I want to ask out for a very long time. It did...


Thanks once again Roger for a very good course

"So far though the course has been excellent and I thank you for sending it free to me. It has helped me so much with the presentation that I had to give for my NVQ and helped to allay my fears about it. The advice about taking my mind off myself is especially helpful."

"Thanks once again...


The techniques helped me a lot

"I'd just like to say thanks for the 6 week course. The techniques helped me a lot as I had been trying to improve my confidence for a while but nothing really worked. Thankyou!"


I have seen astonishing results in myself

"There are not enough words in the English dictionary which could sum up all the gratitude I feel for you and your team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


It was really an excellent material

"Thank you very much for your self-confidence training course free of cost. It was really an excellent material."

"Before the course I used to feel, my life is pre-destined & I can do nothing to change it. But after your training course, I've realised that, YES, I can change my life....


Thanks a lot

"Your course has certainly helped build my self-confidence. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. I hope and am sure of your success in your business, too."


Thank you for your advice & help

"Thankyou for your advice & help over the past 6 tutorials ! I agree with you when you say that there is a part of yourself that is, at a sub-conscious level, confident, the part that lets you down is the `surface` part of you!" 

"It is only when you become 'aware' of the...


It helped me from the very beginning

"Thank you so much for the Self Confidence Course." 

"What I can say is that it has helped me to wake up my senses. My mother passed away early last year and the whole year was just stagnant for me, but as soon as I read your 1st Tutorial, all I had to do was remember how I was when...


The course is fantastic

"I am just writing to say the course is fantastic although it is something I have to work at to keep my self esteem levels up. Hopefully in time it will be automatic." 

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead a normal life."


I'm ready for any challenge

"I have to tell you that my life has given at least a 180º turn. Before my mind would go blank every time I had to give a speech in front of a class or meet someone new. Now, I'm ready for any challenge that comes in my way." 

"I've realized that nobody is perfect so, I should not...